How to store hours in a database

The easiest way I found to store hours (24-time format) in a database is to convert them in integers.

So here are the functions I used to do the conversion:

    function intToHour($int)
        $minutes = $int % 60;
        $hours = $int / 60;

        return sprintf("%02d", floor($hours)) . ":" . sprintf("%02d", $minutes);

    function hourToInt($hour)
        $array = explode(':', $hour);

        return ($array[0] * 60) + $array[1];

So now you can do:

echo hourToInt("13:37"); // 817

And the opposite:

echo intToHour("817"); // 13:37

And if you use Laravel, Accessors & Mutators make it painless, just place this in your model:

    public function getHourAttribute($value)
        return intToHour($value);

    public function setHourAtAttribute($value)
        $this->attributes['hour'] = hourToInt($value);

That way you don't have to worry about anything!

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